PSU Connectors for Compaq Deskpro 590

Started by TEKIL4O, Feb 09, 2007, 22:50

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Hello. I'm writing you to ask if you could help me with my Compaq Deskpro 590. I have no PSU for it, even I haven't see such at all. Now I'm trying to modify standart ATX PSU but I don't have wiring scheme:( I've found one on internet but I'm sure about it because it isn't say that it is exact for Deskpro 590. The PSU connector consist of two jack 8 and 9 pins. So if someone could help me with the exact wiring scheme(on which pin what voltage should I put) please do it. Thank you in advance.

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Here are some photos:
This is not my computer but it is as same as mine but onboard lan! Other pictures: .  2 jacks are Р1 and Р2, Р1 is with 9,  Р2 with 8 pins.This is the only wiring scheme which I've found: but I'm not sure how exactly the wires are and is is siutable for compaq. If someone have ideas, please tell me :). I've compare with some DELL PC, which have almost the same PSU and I notice that there is like a standart AT PSU(-1 pin) plus another 6 pins (3 GRND + 3x3.3V). Thank you in advance :)


This is color scheme:
Could anyone help me to turn it from colors to voltages?(compaq standart)



Better yet, find your local computer recycling center, and trade that one for a better one. :)
If you need this for some reason though, all ATX supply connectors are the same.