SD card to USB pinout

Started by ruasoh, Dec 06, 2006, 01:51

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I've searched these forums and didn't find anything about a sd card to USB connection.  I know I can get a card reader, etc., but I'm looking for a pinout describing the connection between the 4 pin USB and the SD card.  If anyone has one or can quickly explain the connection, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.


there is a controller on readers that converts the usb data to write onto the sd card. there is no direct pin to pin conversion, so a direct connection would not work.


If you are just looking to do this for portabillity, I believe SanDisk makes an SD card that has it's own on-board reader; it folds in half to reveal a USB plug, and will plug right into any USB port. If you just want to use an old card you have as a pen drive, you can get some really small readers that pretty much enclose the entire card so you have a pen drive. I wish USB was built into all SD cards, I have a 2gb card with no plastics (the victim of the cat knocking down the heavy reader it was in), and itwould be quite handy as an "in-wallet" USB drive. Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one.