575 lobster pinouts for usb

Started by carlcarol, Oct 18, 2007, 21:57

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As per the daigram on this site I have tried tx in 17 pin and rx in 18 pin and other way round.(green wire and  then changed to white wire (vise versa). put black to 23/and bridged to 24 pin.
Opened the phone, and it now shows "services" and "UMS with tick" at side..with wires in either position, (next press ok on phone)and it says it is connecting but then does nothing else.)
do i need to connect the red wire in the usb cable to a pin for power to phone? possibly pin 16 ? as on the mains charger connection. I note that the black cable on the mains adaptor only has 2 wires, red and black.(the black is not connected to 23/24 but near 10-12 ish midway on the terminal block).
Any advice on connections would be appreciated as virgin are useless on this and they admit they have NO IDEA.!! and cannot supply a lead.
ANYONE OUT THERE WITH A WORKING LEAD THAT WOULD kindly OPEN THE CONNECTOR (2 SCREWS)AND SEE WHAT WIRES GO WHERE inside WOULD BE VERY KIND as i would love to save the pictures on the phone. thanks carl.

Captain Jack Sparrow

I'm afraid after getting one off ebay, inside the cable, no pins are connected to 17 & 18 (Rx & Tx), inside the cable is a built in device driver, a Composite to UART Bridge Adapter, which is what tells the PC that it is a phone. I'm sorry, it isn't possible to make a Lobster 575 data cable without the built in device driver.