E510 Motherboard USB header pin-out assignment?

Started by MeXiCaNo, Jan 16, 2008, 01:20

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The E510 MotherBoard has a USB header, It has 9 pins divided in to 2 rows, one 5 pin, one 4 pin.  But dell uses a proprietary pin assignment spacing. The "X" look something like this (note: the position of the missing pin on second row):

                    Dell                 X  X  X  X  X             Common            X  X  X  X  X       
                    Motherboard     X  X  X      X             Motherboard      X  X  X  X
                    Pinout                                            PinOut

I tried to contact Dell tech support, who gave me 2 weeks run around and finally said the pin assignmnets are an engineering secrect, and they can't tell me.

Does anyone know the pin assignment or know how I can find out?