PC- Nokia Cell Phone Interfacing

Started by hardhitter, Nov 24, 2007, 15:46

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Hi.. I need your help please..
How can I link my PC with my Nokia Cell Phone (through USB) and communicate with it on a primitive level?  I want to create my own program (using C++, or something similar) that would allow me to send and read messages... I don't want to use the software included with the phone since I'm planning on developing it as a "remote" control for a sensor/small robot etc.. Any input will be much appreciated! Thank you!


look into the Nokia Configuration Tool a free download somewhere on nokia.com.  I didn't see if it does what you want but it's for developers

Bindesh Kumar Singh

You can connect your phone to parallel port. A program can be developed to access the phone. Please do take a look at the pinouts of your phone. If you have good knowledge of USB the same can be done. There are lots of interfacing done via parallel port. I also want to connect Nokia 6600 via wire connections, i don't like GHz of Bluetooth radiations,

good luck!