Decapitated usb cable

Started by Matrixqueen, Dec 02, 2007, 01:26

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I was hoping to get help with repairing my Hanvon drawing tablet.
My son accidentally severed (read .. with extreme predjudice!) the usb cable  from the device. All that's left of it,  from the cable coming out to the PC connection is a mangled mess!
The connector inside the device is ok... just the cable and connector that plugs into the port on the PC look like pirannah got ahold of it!
I opened the tablet to remove what was left of the cable with the idea of splicing another to it,  but the wire colors don't match, and I need a little help! 



there are 4 wires in a usb cable (not counting the shield) a ground (usually black), a +5v (usually red), and 2 data (usually green and white)... if the color of the replacement cable doesnt match the original one... then you need to get a multimeter... or a continuity meter... to find out which wires go to what pins on a usb A connector


SUCCESS!! ;D Thanks for the help...
I took the cover off, and it was marked on the board what color wire was what, so I ended up splicing the end I needed from a spare usb printer cable. This is how the wires need to be connected:(I'll list them from the tablet wires to the 'donor' cable wires) Tan wire to Black (ground), Purple wire to Green (D+), Green wire to White (D-), and Blue wire to Red (+5v). Now that all the wires are connected It works just like before.. (As long as I can keep track of the stylus!  ::))