Started by trinhlong, Aug 21, 2005, 03:49

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Hi All,

We have the pin layout for an EIDE drive and SCSI drive 68pin, if we rightly matching those pin together, will the IDE work if connected to SCSI adapter. Appreciate it. Thanks.



NO----WAY they are totally different interfaces.
IDE has 40 pins,Scsi has 50 or 68 pins.EIDE is only particular to the early IBM days and was there own interpretation of the drive bus.
If you do succeed some how to connect them then you will most likely turn them into doorstops.....
Ide has the controller either on the motheboard or on a raid card basically dumb drives,where as the scsi has intelligent drives that tells the scsi controller drive data etc.
I have seen adapters that are able to connect ide drives to scsi,and expensive they are which i think by the sounds of it defeats your object??