Do you know WHERE an ADC video connector is and how to obtain it inexpensively?

Started by johnny, Jan 13, 2008, 05:20

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Here in the Disfunctional States, we have this little company called Apple. Not very popular.....I am just kidding. Of course you know the Apple.. iMac.. same crap. Any fart, Now since Steve Jobs has been back in his CEO position, Apple is flourishing. Good for them. My dilemma is that I have been tricked! No, not by Apple, buy a nipper. Well, he was your than me, anyway. Now, I have a lovely 17" LCD Studio Display liquid and no way to play it. It is compatible with my iBook G4, because some macbooks don't have the ADC connection, it's just  now this adapter is obsolete, I need this third party adapter and I was told Apple only has it and it is about $200. So check your specs before. I'm hoping someone out there can help a poor, and now, broke fella with information leading to one of these ADC's or has one collecting dust in the attic and would like to donate it for a really good cause. I'm here, just squinting my eyes on a 12".  Thanx

Martin Pedder

Hi, This may not help you, but might help others. We have ADC to VGA Adaptor leads in stock, which are now getting very hard to obtain. I had to scour the planet to find them. These let you use an analog VGA monitor on a Mac with an ADC socket, so you can have as second screen for example on a G4. We are in the UK, but international postage would not be prohibitive. Martin Pedder, Boomerang Sounds