ATX PSU 20 + 4 to MB 20 Connections

Started by Nasho23, Apr 22, 2009, 07:15

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I have PSU with 20 + 4 Pin cables and MB with 20 Pin connector. The current PSU only has 12VDC 13A. This power is too low for bootup. Tested with a PSU that had 12VDC 15A, bottup OK but gives Radio interference. Obtained 24 pin to 20 pin Adapter so that I could add 4 pin with 20 pin to obtain more power. However, the 4 pin and the 20 pin will not fit into the 24 pin connector on the adapter. Also the wire colours used in the adapter are not the same shown in standard pinouts, so I am not happy to modify the connectors so that they will fit together.
My question is:-- Is it possible to Splice the 2 Yellow wires on 4 pin to pin 10 Yellow on 20 pin connector and splice 2 Black wires on 4 pin to pins 13, 15, 16 or 17 Blacks on 20 pin connector, to provide extra power through the 20 pin connector, as a compromise.
I feel this should provide the extra 12VDC boost that I require.
Thank You


Possibly, It depends on what power supply you are using. if you have a real 24 pin or 20 + 4 pin you should be able to use the adapter you purchased. Also, if the power supply only has 1 or 2 12V rails, combining the 12V lines probably won't get you any increase in power. Are you trying to run any extra drives at the same time? You should be able to follow the wiring on the adapter you purchased to combine the wires.