fluke nettool nt-serial db9 to 2.5 mm stereo serial cable pinout

Started by paradox10, Feb 16, 2012, 08:00

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need to make a communication cable for a Fluke Nettool network tester to upgrade software. The cable is no longer available but the part number is NT-SERIAL. I know it is a db9 to 2.5 mm stereo jack and that is all any  info would be greatly appreciated.


I'm in the same situation... did you manage to find it out?
I guess it's 2, 3 and five in the computer side, and trial& test in the 2.5mm (fluke) side?

Moreover, usually in the jacks the first ring (the closest to the wire, the farest from the top) is the ground, so it should be linked to the 5 in the computer side. Did I explaim myself properly?!?


No, I think the tip is TX, next is RX and then the shield or 3rd is zero. I haven't made the cable yet but from the junctions between the connecter and the ADM1385ARS chip I think this will work.


Tip = TX  Center = RX  Shield = Ground is correct.

Maybe this should be inked into the pinout database.