The Power Supply and Connection layout for HP T360a

Started by CBois, Oct 24, 2005, 16:43

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Hi I need some help wit installing a new PSU,

I am currently undertaking a rebuild of my Hp t360a, power supply to support a new Nvidia A6600GT Grahics cards. I have been told by some other posts at different forums that HP uses non-standard wiring sometimes.

However I have chanced it and have bought an ANTEC 430W TruePower PSU to replace the standard PSU (Bestec250W Zinfandel PS2 HV).

My curent specs are:
2.8Ghz pentium 4
80GB 7200RPM HD
7-in-1 card reader
DVD writer/CD writer combo
Belkin 802.1g wirless network card
ASUS P4SD-LA mother board (HP calls it Yale UL6E)

I need help in 2 specific areas,
1 wether the Power supply setup in my rig is standard
2 How best to go about wiring the system or a link to somewhere that can help.

I have tried maunfactures of various components but they are unwilling to help due to propritary informaton of HP.

Thanks to anyone who can help