commands to dial some cellphone from a microcontroller

Started by alfonso, Mar 18, 2005, 23:22

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Hi i am designing an alarm and i need dial a cellphone from a microcontroller, some body has any information?

Thank you
Alfonso Ayala


Hi. I also doing the same project here.
I try to send MMS via SonyEricsson T610.
But I can't communicate even I connect the Tx-Rx and GND pins.
How come?
Somebody help? :(


I was made many alarms and SMS controllers. I have used X35 Siemens or C45 or modem TC35i.
If you want to learn more --> or contact me


If you have a serial interface for the Ericsson, try sending it standard Hayes modem control codes. I think the to dial a number you send &ATDT1234567 where 1234567 is the number to dial.


As i know, Hayes standard modem controll code as following:

ATD1234567;  where numbers are numbers to dial, and neccessary to send ; mark to send information to mobile phone that following call will be a voice call (so not data,or fax). I'm working with Siemens C25 C35 C45 C55