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Started by rener, Sep 14, 2005, 16:15

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i am looking for the pinout of a firewire 800 cable.
these are 9pin cables and i like to know how the pins are assigned.
is there someone who knows this?
I looked over the iunternet, but all i can find is the pinout for the standard firewire cables 4/6 pin.

thanks in advance

Renй van Raaij



i've never heard of Firewire 800 or 400 using 9 pin connectors, FireWire i.e. IEEE-1394 was originally an Apple designed protocol to replace the more expensive SCSI while removing the limitations it had.

FireWire uses 6 pins, and when FireWire 800 was released by Apple around 2003 it was designed to be completely backward compatible with FireWire 400 meaning that they use the same cable, ports etc and FireWire 800 devices can be plugged into the old FireWire 400 ports. The Only difference with doing that is that the FireWire 800 device will default to using that slower 400 specs.

Now Sony have created a 4 pin version of FireWire called iLink that does not contain the ability to self power devices. However you say that you have a 9 pin FireWire 800 device that you need the pinouts for, If you are able to pass on some more info like the brand/device and even a photo or diagram if possible then I may be able to give you a better answer then i've provided above

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Until then give this page a look as it has a bit of basic info of the FireWire standard:



hello all.

after frying 2 ports on my 800 drive i finally got it right...

here on is the pinout and cable reference

good luck!