Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G

Started by Dazaal, Jul 09, 2008, 00:14

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I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G & an A+ GL3 HTPC case, the legends on the pins in the case don't match those of the M/B.

The Case pins are marked:- VP,TPB+,TPA+,Shield,TPB-, TPA-,& VG.

L-RET, L-OUT, R-RET, R-OUT,GRND,Mic Power, Mic in,

And HDD LED, Reset Sw, Power Sw.

The MB pins are marked:- PWR-LED (System Power LED Header):- Pin 1-MPD+,2-MPD-, 3-MPD-.

F-Panel (Front Panel Header):- HD+,HD,RES, RES+. MSG+,MSG. PW+,PW.

F-USB1/F_USB2/F_USB3/F (USB Headers) 1 Power(5v),2Power(5v),3USB DX-,4 USB DY-,5USB DX+, 6USB DY+, 7 GND, 8 GND.

Do you also know if I can fit a S/B Audigy sound card with breakout box to this M/B I'm running XP Pro?

Could somebody match them up for me please(some are obvious but I've left them in for clarity).