DCE xover pinout CISCO 2500 DCE M34F to M34M with E1 to v.35 converter

Started by waheed, Jun 07, 2008, 09:49

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I need pinout for connection CISCO ROUTER 2500 DCE Connector M34F with M34M of E1 to V.35 converter. My application is as below,

CISCO ROUTER 2500-----DCE CABLE with M34F------ ------M34Male to DB25----- E1 to V.35 converter---E1---hard loop FOR TESTING.

i NEED pinout to conect CISCO DCE connector M34F with M34Male CABLE OF CONVERTER. Please help me to solve this problem. I need crossover cable. Please also make me understand about DESCRIPTION (inside twisted pair with S wire etc.) I made one with the help of http://pinouts.ru/SerialPortsCables/v35_crossover_pinout.shtml. but it is not working

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.