Need pinout for AXION-6079 8-pin mini-din

Started by randy h, Jun 02, 2008, 21:57

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randy h

Hi folks,
I am looking for a pinout for the AXION dual Monitor Road theatre - AXN-6079.  There is a 8-pin Mini-din cable that runs from the DVD player base to each of the separate monitors. This cable sends power,audio and video.   I am wanting to feed my own source on this cable to the monitors, so I need the pinout to do that.  I have been able to determine the 12 VDC power pin and ground but don't have the knowledge to figure out the rest. If anybody can help me with this I would sure appreciate it.

randy h

Bob Swizle

Randy -oopps. I'm working on the same problem. Any luck yet?  I'll keep you posted. Thanks........

randy h

Still no luck Bob.  I sent Axion support and email asking for info. They emailed me back telling me to call them. But whenever I call, I just get a voicemail option. You may wish to do the same.