ATA to Compact Flash?

Started by Jim_Fear, Aug 05, 2008, 02:53

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Hi guys, just thought I'd run this past you. How possible would it be to get a ATA connecter on a 1.8" hard drive wired up to a compact flash pinout? Some light reading suggests Compact Flash is compatible with ATA and looking at the converters on the market Compact Flash to Parallel ATA is a simple physical converter with no electronic conversion taking place, which leads me to thinking that this could be reversed to make ATA compatible with Comptact Flash.

Here's what I'm looking at doing...

Buy a small Compact Flash to MS Duo converter like what NEO Flash sell, then wire up a Toshiba MK1011GAH 1.8" drive to the compact flash pins on the converter and try and house the monstrosity inside the PSP, I'm assuming the drive will be 44 pin as i simply says ATA-7. The drive would have to get its power from the battery itself as it looks like the MS Duo spec requires up to 100mA yet the drive requires 500mA.

Converter -
Drive -

What is the feasibility of this?