USB EXPERT REQUIRED!!! Xbox 360 controller not working in front panel USB port

Started by pwnsweet, Sep 12, 2008, 15:22

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***SOLVED: Connecting the thinner black wire to the same point as the thicker wire on the PCB inside the controller fixed the issue***

Here's an interesting problem,

I have 2 Genuine wired Xbox360 controllers. One of them is a new controller, the other used. I received the used controller free from work, because it wasn't working. I later discovered that the cable had been damaged and that it wasn't working because it was not receiving power.

That is no longer a problem, as I used a cable from one of the many Dell USB mice I have lying around to replace the broken cable of the controller (*, see below for specifics). The controller now works fine.

The problem though, is that it does not power up when plugged into either of the 2 front panel USB ports on my CM 690 PC case. When it's plugged directly into the motherboard USB ports, it powers up fine. What's even more bizzare, is that the new (unmodified) wired controller works in both front panel USB ports on my case! Furthermore, I have another Dell mouse that is exactly the same as the mouse that I sourced the new cable from for the 360 controller and that mouse works in both front panel USB ports on my case as well!

I should also make mention that I've done some research on the power output capabilities of an unpowered USB hub. According to Wikipedia, "Initially, a device is only allowed to draw 100 mA. It may request more current from the upstream device in units of 2 mA up to a maximum of 500 mA."). A real example of this is the fact that the new controller does work in the front panel USB ports, despite the fact that it requires 400mA. Given this fact, I personally believe that the problem is due to the new cable not allowing the 360 controller to request additional current. If this is indeed the case, then does anyone know why it's not able to do so and how I would go about fixing it? See below for more details regarding this problem.

1. The wired Xbox 360 controller requires 400mA at 5v.

2. The Dell mouse that the cable is sourced from requires 100mA at 5v.

3. The front USB panel on the case is an unpowered hub, connected to the   front USB panel header on the motherboard via USB ribbon cable and is USB 2.0 compliant.

4. The original (damaged) cable of the wired controller contains 4 wires: Red (+5v), White and Green (Data + and Data -) and a Black (Ground, and a little thicker than the other cables).

5. The replacement USB cable (from the Dell mouse) contains 5 (not 4) wires: Red (+5v), White and Green (Data + and Data -) and two Blacks (one slender and one a little thicker than the other cables).

6. The Black wire that I soldered to the PCB inside the wired controller was the thicker one. The slender black wire is not connected to anything.

7. (not sure if this is useful or not) The original cable of the Wired Xbox 360 controller contains two "housings" along the cable (presumably ferrite cores/beads). They can be seen here. The replacement cable has none.


the think cable is actually the SHEILDING ground, the thinner ground should be connected to the board, unless you shorted the other side like that too.