Sega / SNES "Justifier " lightgun pinouts wanted

Started by Patricklaw, Oct 29, 2008, 04:09

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Does anyone have a link or info on the controller pinout for the Sega / SNES "Justifier " lightgun for Lethal Enforcers? I have a Sega Justifier and it looks so similar that I suspect the two differ only in the controller cable; I'm trying to see if the Sega version can be rewired to work on the SNES system; BUT I don't have a SNES Justifier for comparison purposes to see which wire goes where.

I have read online that the 2 Justifiers are identical EXCEPT for the cable, but A LOT of searching for these pinouts online turned up nothing.

Can anyone help?




Actually when I was a kid, I bought the SNES Justifier Battle Clash package. The Weird thing about it is that The package had A Sega Justifier in it, but it came with this SNES/Sega Adapter, which pluged into your SNES and the Sega Justifier would plug into the back of the connector. Rewiring it would probably work or just Find one of those connectors, im looking for one myself, cause I lost mine when I was a kid..lame. I dont know if ive been any help, good luck.