pc-fx ( pc- engine ) pinout. ( resolved)

Started by ulao, Jun 16, 2009, 16:07

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Ok I was able to get this working. Since there is like 0 info on the net I figure I'd post what I found out.

First of I was able to successfully convert this fx-pad to usb!! I used an atmel atmega chip with avr programming.

Here is the correct pin out.

facing the game pad plug
 1 2 3 4
 0 0 0 0
  0 0 0
  5 6 7

1 +5
2 data
3 set low, this may be the data direction
4 latch
5 Gnd
6 clock
7 Gnd

I'm not sure what the original clock speed is but with my 12 mhz, I set it to 6us and it worked fine. Raise the latch, then looping..  lower the clock, read a bit, higher the clock..16 bits and your done ;)

Chances are I will not be back to this forum so PM, and replying wont find me. If you need to find me, look for bliss-box usb controller, that's me ;) Also if you find this useful please link back to my main page. http://bliss-box.net