what have i dont wrong?

Started by taariqmajid, Feb 22, 2005, 23:01

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hi all can someone help me please i was tring to unlock my sendo phone , i have windows xp and i tried making the  cable this is what i do but the software doesnt find the phone. do i need a driver?
i looked at the end of the serial port that goes into my pc and saw numbers 1-9

2: i then stripped each wire and tested for continuity to know which wire was which.
3: i then as then numbers here said. http://pinouts.ru/data/sendo_m550_pinout.shtml  i soldered pin 1 to point one  
on the diagram and did the same for pin2 and pin three

i have a send snd551 but for reason my pc aint picking it up. did i do something wrong? help me please


Wel assuming that you have correctly made your cable and tested it .Since you are using XP what you would need is some software to eneble your unlocking software to talk to your serial port  so that the port may access your phone one example of such software is PORT TALK which you can download on the internet. After installing this software if everything else is in order it should work properly.