iPhone 3G and Luna alarm clock

Started by bigvince, Jul 02, 2009, 17:08

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Hi. I have an Xtrememac Luna alarm clock and an iPhone 3G. I use the dock in the Luna to charge my iPhone, even though the Luna is not really compatible with the iPhone. However, whenever I put the iPhone in the dock, the Luna recognizes the phone and automatically switches to "Ipod" play mode. Does anyone know if I can disable a pin in the connector in order to trick the connection not to be recognized? I only want the phone to charge and playing music over the line out would be a plus.

Thanks in advance!! Vince


Uhnn... Probably no.

Those "handshakings" are usually done by software, not hardware. So disabling a pin may damage the device and won't solve your problem.
I would look for some iPhone software to trick those protocols, jailbreak community may be a good place to find stuff like that.