Need Ethernet to- serial, usb, pcmcia, etc. pinout

Started by chris22, Feb 15, 2006, 20:43

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i need a pinout to convert something to ethernet.
i cant go buy a card because i have a laptop that has no room for a card :)
but i realy need to make the electronic device.
i have experreance saudering (i can't spell today)

i have a wireless network pcmcia card that i can crack open and modift to have both- but i need the wireless to stay in my there some device that i could make that would not require me to program (I can program alittle, but im nbish at it)


The best thing you can to would be to buy a USB to Ethernet adapter - it's not something that you can easily build. As for modding your wifi adapter, that would not work becasue wireless ethernet is compleatly different (hardware wise and signal wise) from wired ethernet.