Megaworks THX 250D volume/ctrl 9-pin DIN

Started by matskm, Sep 29, 2009, 14:37

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Hi all,
       I have recently aquired a Cambridge Soundworks Megaworks THX 250D subwoofer and satellites. It all seems to be in working order, but there is no volume/control remote. The connector is a 9 pin DIN. Does anyone know how I can find out the pinout for this?

I looked under the 9pin connectors on and couldn't find it. There was one creative speakers 9-pin DIN, but the pins seemed to be carrying the audio signals. On this piece of kit, the DIN interface switches the amp to standby, controls the volume, and does bass/treble.

Also, I live in the UK, any idea where I can lay my hands on a 9-pin DIN of the correct type? I tried maplin electronics, but they only do up to 8-pin DIN. Is it possible I could use an 8-pin DIN, and ignore the final pin?