Help needed!!I want to connect my laptop to a rs-232 printer module on a alarm

Started by raiderck3, Feb 16, 2009, 04:33

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I would like to connect my laptop to my alarm panel to view history events and print reports. My alarm panel has a dot matrix printer now ( but its a pain) I would like to make a cable from my pc to my alarm panel's printer module. My current printer is not supervised.  I would like to use my hyper terminal and force the info from the panel to my pc. My problem is trying to figure out how to make the cable. Do i use the com1 on my pc (db-9) I have never used hyper terminal but think this might work? (i have the baud,bit,parity information)
Here is the info on the printer interface module for the printer (in panel) I have a dell pc

1- sheild
6-Not used
7-connect to printer,pins 4 and 5 (db-25)
8- connect to printer,pins 6 and 8 (db-25)
9- connect to printer,pin 20 (db-25)


Depends but it should be an easy thing depends the most alarm panels do not have a buffer and print in real time the panel type also depends what type of alarm panel is it . I'll look ntru my manules and send you the spec's just email me the panel type and i'll send it along. mabe I can help