pigeon clock

Started by J.E.S.T.E.R, Mar 12, 2006, 16:42

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hello everyone just though i'd pick youre brains

i have a pigeon racing clock (stb 14e-1870)digital

witch after a rece you can plug ina patch lead to a serial printer and print off the times

my problem is i dont have the lead and would like to make my own!

the clock connector is a round 4 pin socket with a screw thread(ie the supposed plug must have a thread on the outer body to be able to screw in)
 the wires going to the connector are white,green,brown and yellow
if you say pin 1 is the pin to the right of the cutout going clockwise it goes

1=white 2=brown 3=green 4 yellow
theres no ground connected to the outer body
these wires com from a clock module witch then goes straight into a serial printer

can anyone help

many thanx in advance