Connecting a standard headset to a PC and a Nokia cellphone

Started by Wildviking, Apr 04, 2005, 12:33

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I'm trying to connect a standard headset (=2 x 3,5mm jacks, one for headset L+R, & one for mic.) to a PC and a Nokia 6630 cellphone simoultaneously.

I have PC-based SW for controlling the cellphone via Bluetooth, but would like to hear sounds from my OPC and from my cellphone on the same headset, so I don't have to change headsets when I receive an incoming call.

I have downloaded the pinout diagram for the Nokia pop-port connector, and connected X mic +tive to one of the mic connectors, as well as X mic -tive to the ground connector for the mic. Likewise, I have connected HS ear R +tive to the right-hand headphone, and HS ear R -tive to the ground connector for the 3,5mm jack for the headset, and correspondingly connected HS ear L +tive to the left-hand earphone, and HS ear -tive to the ground connector for the 3,5mm jack for the headset.

However, when  connect the headsetto the PC and the cellphone, the cellphone does not react, and no sound is transmitted to the headset. (The headset works fine when connected to the PC; -it is just the sound from the cellphone that is not transmitted.

Have I missed any connections?


I am working on a interface also.  I play games with buddies.  We are
all on PCS phones. (unlimited min plans.)   We play PC games using headphones.   I will let you know what I find.  Would be nice to use just
the nice headset designed for the computer.  We have tried the VOIP during the games but they sound terrible. (low bandwidth)



I'm trying to connect the PCH -530 PC headset to my PC but no sound can hear.


Did you encountered any problem with this?
I haven't tried to use this but would love to give it a try to test if it really works well on mine.I just purchased a standard headset to a PC.
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