New Pantech pinout

Started by taurolyon, May 11, 2010, 03:57

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I recently got my hands on a Pantech Ocean 2 (Model #: PP4OZ2), and I found that the service interface (COM Port) is not provided. I would assume this connector has a "programming cable" that connects to different pins. This connector looks like a "wide" mini-USB with 8 pins and a shield. (I will find photos later.)

This phone's predecessor (the Helio Ocean) used the classic Pantech pinout that was also used on some Audiovox models.

I did some searching and the phone's connector has appeared on other Pantech Models: C150, C520 (Breeze), C530 (Slate), C610, C630, C740 (Matrix), C810 (Duo), C820 (Matrix Pro)

The charging cables I found were also compatible with the UTStarcom models: CDM-8935 (Mini), CDM-8630 (Verizon Coupe), CDM-8950, TXT8010 (Verizon Blitz)

Any help you can provide I would greatly appreciate!


Recently we've got new Pantech USB pinout -
Be careful, still not tested.


Thanks admin for the post. It is working for me 100%.
Nice job..
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This cable does not work with the box must be RS232 or USB