Compaq Power Supply Pinout

Started by Mecht_Engnr, Jan 30, 2010, 11:23

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From the following website, I have a question:

I have read a fair bit about Compaq power supplies, and it seems they are different from the standard ATX power supply in that they need a positive voltage to turn them on, rather than connecting the green wire and a ground with normal ATX wires.

So to get my 14pin Compaq Power Supply to turn on, do I put 3.3V on pin 4 (white)?

I ask this question because I do not fully understand the website when it says "Power-On on Compaq REQUIRES high signal to switch on!...don't connect wire 4 (white) to plug and start PSU by additional switch that connect power-on from PSU with ground."

Power-on is wire 4 (white) !!!

Warmest Regards, and thanks for any suggestions in advance!