Mini LPT (microCentronics 36) to LPT (Centronics 36) adaptor

Started by Metlik, Apr 27, 2010, 22:40

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Hi all!

I have old printer HP LJ1100. To share it in the network I have print-server with standard LPT interface for printers (Centronics 36 male). Problem is that printer have mini Centronics 36 female connector. I made this adaptor:

mini Centronics ------- DB25 (this is original cable) + DB25 -------- Centronics 36 female (hand made cable)

I made it according pin settings for original cables (miniCentronics - DB25 and DB25 - Centronics), like shown here:

But I have problem: after connecting all together printer can print several pages ok, but after that start continiously print a garbage.

Can you help me in this matter? Where is the problem? Maybe there is wrong pin setting?  ???

P.S. By the way this pin settings ( is wrong? Because I tested my original cable (see table) and there is a differencies...