50-pin slim IDE pinout

Started by DHowett, Jun 20, 2008, 07:41

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I can't find one on the website, so i was hoping that I could come here for info on the pinout of the 50pin slimline IDE connector, on the cd-rom drive side. I'm building an adapter to allow me to plug a hard drive into a slim ide plug (to use my laptop's cd-rom bay as an extra hard drive bay, for example). I found a 40pin -> 50pin cable layout on this site but it was for doing the opposite thing, and there was no diagram of the cd-rom plug.


I have been also looking for the same in vain. the nearest product I found was:


Unfortunately, I am not in the US. Still hoping to find it. Another idea is to get the thinkpad drive bay (it is more expensive).

If you manage to get it please post it here.... thanks


BTW I was searching today once again and found something very useful.



 :'( that's exactly what I was building.
Major Sad Face.
I guess I might as well finish the project.


I did manage to find the pinout some time ago, actually.