DVI-D Display - Prevent 'Signal Loss' message.

Started by pbrunnen, Apr 27, 2010, 19:47

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Hello all...
I have been researching all over that I can think of... and thought I would finally post here. This seemed like the best place to ask.  :)

I have an external monitor that I use with my laptop only.  One of my pet peeves is that when I go to take the laptop with me and disconnect the display, it wakes from sleep mode and has the annoying 'No signal detected' message which stays on unless I hard power off the monitor.  I am looking to build an adapter which connects between the monitor and my laptop to trick the monitor into thinking a computer is still attached.  Thus staying asleep and stopping that annoying 'No signal' message.

I recognize that my old PC docking station which did not have an separate video card was able to keep the monitor happy... so I assume there is a resistor or short across two pins to accomplish this.


Much appreciated!! -Cheers, Peter.