Samsung YP-S2 Pebble connectivity

Started by eXpertu, Apr 25, 2010, 16:18

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I have found this device without earphones and without the usb jack used to connect to the pc, the dev is working because i plugged some headphones and still had some battery left, some shitty music was stored.
Now how can you make that usb jack? here is a pic the usb is on center and has 3 rings i see..
Thanks and awaiting reply :)


Народ ну помогите с распиновкой...
Уже месяца 3 ищу.
В магазинах говорят,что таких в природе нет переходников,а спаять самому не с чего,без распиновки никак(((


I need an adapter for mp3 player SAMSUNG YP - S2QB/XER.
Please help find a pinout.
Sorry for my bad English.