PS2-playstation2 (rca r-y-w) to princeton vl-159 flat panel monitor (vga only)

Started by dcsrvs, May 12, 2010, 11:37

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Could someone show me the pin connection for: a Playstation-2 rca (r-y-w) connector to a vga (mini D-15pin 3row) connector on a princeton vl-159 flat panel monitor (LCD TFT active matrix) the monitor has no rca or s-video connections only vga. Thanks dc


You can't. RCA r-y-w contains an audio signal (red/white) and composite video (yellow). You need an converter to convert into VGA. Can be found on ebay for approx $30 I guess. Other option is to use a tv card in a PC or notebook.


If you want to connect the ps2 to VGA screen you can by using the circuits that described in this site (by using LM1881 sync seperater) only if the screen supports SoG (Sync on Green) or cSync otherwise you must bring external converter but you'll not get the same perfect resolution as the original VGA.