OneTouch glucose meter USB interface cable

Started by ramack, Jan 16, 2005, 21:38

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Can anyone tell me what serial 9 pin pin connections should should connect to the tip, middle connector and shank for the serial cable?
  I bought an original 9 pin D type cable one years ago from Lifescan, but have misplaced it.  I would rather build my own replacement rather than buy a complete new cable and software package.


ONE TOUCH Interface Cable Pinout:
 DB-25 pin
       2    TXD    transmitted data from computer to meter
       3    RXD    received data from meter to computer
   4    RTS    request to send from computer
   6    DSR    data set ready to computer (connected to DTR)
   7    GND    signal ground
   20   DTR    data terminal ready from computer


Thanks for the help.
I will try and make up a cable and see if it works.
Happy new year to all.


Hi Guys,

Interesting stuff above and hope you can help...

Thinking of getting a OneTouch Ultra2 that has the 3.5mm jack plug and can get the cable no problem.

However, I would like to pull the data into my own program using a COM.dll

When connected does the device(One Touch) just send the serial stream automatically on 'RXD' or do you have to 'send' something via 'TXD' to initiate?

Or (as I do not have a schematic of the 9 Pin) is the DSR/DTR somehow connected to the TX line also? (as there is only TX/RX on the 3.5mm plug)

Hope that all makes sense, I'm a noob to this but have managed to get an RFID device working through the serial port, just wondering now about the possiblity of other devices!!!

Thanks for your time/reading.


The connector tip is Rx
the middle connector band is Tx
and the shank is ground.



Thanks for that and have managed to bodge together a cable and send/read the info from it :) so back on track again!



Hey People- Since this thread seems to be recently active, I thought I'd share this. I just spent two hours trying to get this to go and failed. I was using Animas EZ Manager Max and it has the Ultra Mini as an option. Tried all the drivers, cable combos, db-9 connector, usb connector. So then I just found this link, called and they are sending me a free cable!


Cool!  Thank U very much!  I was about to shell out $29.95 to replace my misplaced cable.  

Ron Kriel is the ticket.  I just called them and they are sending me a free USB cable for my new OT UltraMini.  I too was about to shell out $29.95/  Also, on the LifeScan website, the provision for upgrading your software to 2.3.2 while it says you must already have the previous version already installed, it is not true and it installs just fine.  Also, while the 2.3.2 version is tested only up to Vista 32, I just installed it on Win 7, 64 bit with no problems or glitches.  Works just fine.  In summary:  I got the meter free, the software free and the cable free, how great is that? ;D


The meter is free... but as of 7/20/2010, the cables have been on backorder. I called today, 8/4/10, and they said it should have more in a few weeks.


As of 8/24, they are still on backorder but are sent out free of charge!!!  Only the cable...not the software.


 :D Thanks!

The link is still good. Ordered my cable today, FREE!


As of April 7 2011..  the cables are still free.   I just ordered one as well.


After thinking I would build a cable and seeking pin-outs, I found this site and a lead on obtaining a free interface cable.  Go to this site  which will refer you to a place to make a phone call:  ALOM Technologies 1-888-334-9522.  I asked to obtain a FREE replacement for a One Touch Ultrasmart meter (USB) and they asked for name and address and said they would send UPS ground and I would receive in 7-10 days.  I asked again if fee and they replied "yes."  The person who answered was very nice and helpful and I think identified herself as working for Lifescan who also will sell you the cable for $29.95 plus S&H. I am pleased and grateful  but also puzzled.   Granted, the paid version has the software and the cable but the software can be downloaded for free.  April 13, 2011


Still available on 7/22/11 !
Thanks !