help please in understanding how to count pinouts

Started by f4therchristmas, Oct 05, 2010, 22:31

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This is a newbie question and my searches have not found a thread which helps me.
I am looking at a 22 pin connector for a Mitac Mio 168 clone. The pinout listing is very helpful but I do not know which way to read the pin numbers. Do I count left to right 1-22  on the connector  looking at it from outside the pda?  Alternatively do I look at the cable end connector which would be the other way round.
I have a second question.  I have a faulty connection and pins 19 through 22 (4 pins) are all labelled the same. If I solder them and they solder together (my technique needs practice), will this matter as they are all VCC power adapter? Any advice on how to solder individual pins in such a small space without contacting other pins would be appreciated as well. FC