Pinouts for the E810 (Samsung S410I) Unlocking Cable

Started by vipersvcd, Apr 23, 2006, 14:15

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Hi all

i need to make an unlocking cable for my
Samsung S410i - Because Its locked with a sec code .
almost all the software i found require a COM/DB9/RS232 cable
in order to comunicate with the phone ,
what i need is the pinout/instructions
i have a data sync cable and a charger cable ,
that i want to converte one of them to the unlocking cable
I think the charger will be better because its cheaper ,  but is it possible
does the charger cable has all the wires i need soldered to the e810 phone terminal ?

all the pinout i saw at the site are of usb terminals and i need serial .
or will the usb terminal will work with a cracked NS-DONGLE software >?