Request: Pinout for Gateway laptop battery

Started by limi7, Sep 09, 2010, 05:29

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I need a battery pinout for any of these gateway models:
C-120, C-120X, C120, C120X, E-155C, E-155C G, E155C, E155C-G, S-7125, S-7125C, S7125, S7125C
Model number: 6501152 or similar
It's an 8 pin connector that looks like this on the laptop (1) |' l ' l l l | (8)
I've found the ground pins and the +, but I'm not sure about the other data ones.
so far I have:
2:unknown (continuity from ground is around 900)
6:unknown(probably a SMB) (continuity from ground is around 630)
7:unknown(probably a SMB) (continuity from ground is around 120)

A spec sheet would be nice, but I haven't found one from gateway. Anyone know how to figure out the remaining 3 pins?

----------------And for comparison and help for anyone who's looking for these------------------

Cracked open a gateway LGA9300 battery and the pins are:
| 1:P+
| 2:ID
| 3:SMC
| 4:SMD
| 5:CTL
| 6:PP-

a Gateway SQU-413 battery:
| 1:P+
| 2:P+
| 3:BT
| 4:SMBC
| 5:SMBD
| 6:P-
| 7:P-

and a more common HP HSTNN-IB42 which i think has the same connector for most HP Models, looks the same as my TX1*** series:
| 1:-
| 2:T
| 3:N
| 4:C
| 5:D
| 6:+

guest mike

I have a battery HSTNN-IB42.  I have noted your pinout, but I do not know how to identify pin 1 and pin6.  What do the letters provided for the other 4 pins mean?


With digital multimeter, first pin is from the right.