compaq proliant dl360 power supply

Started by randy, Dec 19, 2009, 18:54

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i want to know which pins to jump to turn on power supply while it is out of the unit. i have a pin out diagram and a disassembled power sullpy for reference. i want to use this power supply in something else,,thanks,randy


Hello , can you forward the pinout of the dl360 power supply?

While the 5v section is always
"on", the 12v section starts upon completion of the following procedure:

-Interlocking circuits are established on the PDU and PSU through each other's PCB (each unit ensures that
the other is "present")
- the PS_ENABLE signal generated by the PSU is pulled low (LOW=YES) on the PDU by circuitry
associated to either the server's "power on" switch or the presence and fault status of the other, redundant
-The PS_KILL signal, generated by the power supply in response to PS_ENABLE is pulled low
(LOW=NO) by fault sensing circuitry on the PDU. In fact, PS_KILL makes and breaks the cathode to
ground circuit of the LED in the optocoupler driving the power MOSFET's of the 12 volt supply.

Therefore the PSU can be started connecting together the interlock inputs and outputs and grounding
PS_ENABLE and PS_KILL.  The rest of the circuitry on the output connector, being dedicated to