Nokia HS-3 pop port headset for HTC HD2

Started by ccezar2004, Nov 17, 2010, 13:09

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I really like the design of the HS-3 from nokia... and I'd like to use them with my HD2... I found this...

is this enough to just cut the pop port out of the |HS-3 and link a jack on it so that i can use it with my HD2?... or is there an incompatibility between the two...???

is there a posibility to link the only button on the nokia headset to the middle button on the HTC headset?... (

thnak you!


no one on this?... I tested the HS-3 on the N70 and the sounbd is way better than HTC's headset...


I was looking for some kind of adaptor to allow me use the HS-3 on my HD2 and then I saw your post. Did you figure something out yet?