sharp zaurus zr-5800 cable to mac 8-pin serial

Started by anasazi4st, Apr 14, 2011, 19:57

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Hello...I'm looking for a pinout for a connector cable that was used in 1990s to connect a Sharp Zaurus ZR-5800 (PDA) to an Apple Macintosh 8-pin serial port (typically for modems or printers).

I have a similar cable that was used to connect the same device to an IBM-compatible PC (DB-9 connector), even a pinout for that cable would probably be okay, I could likely figure out how to adapt it. This existing cable has the name "Rupp" on one end...that company manufactured accessories for the Zaurus years ago...they've been out of business for some time.

I'm CERTAIN that this pinout diagram exists somewhere...I remember seeing it posted in Zaurus forums on places like CompuServe years ago. This device is at least 15 years old and nearly all of the old support pages are now gone.

Can anyone offer some help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,