API-4030 PSU

Started by Mattj, Oct 27, 2008, 05:47

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Hi All,

I have several API-4030 power supplies, for a server. I'd like to convert them all to bench supplies (as they have quite a bit of wattage and are reasonable reliable).

I've managed to identify all the power source wires, and a coule of digital output wires (POK_H etc were marked on the boards).

Anyone else know the input wires, specifically the PS_ON wire (to turn the thing on)?

I've been searching around but can't seem to find anything.




did you find some pinout information to this psu. I would also need it.

Did you find out how to power on this psu??



Hi there,

Sorry, I never did find out how to turn this on. I even took it to an electronics engineer as well as trying all the signal wires. I believe that it either requires a decent load to turn on (more than the 30W I loaded it with) or load on many buses.

It's possible I had a dud supply, however!