Siemens Amilo Batery pinout needed

Started by chris2, Jul 01, 2009, 23:46

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I have a Siemens Amilo7850. want to know to which pins of the bat connector inside laptop,  can i connect power to boot from. the problem is that the power suply circuit inside the laptop had a fault (short) and i tried to follow the problem by connecting a low voltage to the DC connector (from AC supply) to feel warm/Hot components then the fault burnt away and i believe that the laptop will still work from Battery side but the battery is discarded a long time ago as these bateries only last as long as the trip from shop to home. now i dont have the bat to figure out the pins and i believe it wil have some "signal" pin for identifying the batery aswell

Please : pinouts and any usefull surgestions



did you have any luck with this? I have the same problem