Pinouts for Proliant DL380 Power Supply Model PS-6301-1

Started by Kelsey Spring, Jul 29, 2011, 23:18

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Kelsey Spring

I want to know which pins to jump to turn on this power supply when it is NOT installed in the Compaq GL380 that it came from. I think this power supply is made by Lite On.

The power supply bears a Compaq sticker that says:

Series ESP105
Model: PS-6301-1
Part No: 108859-001
Replace with Compaq Spare No. 159125-001

This is a 275W PFC unit.

Would appreciate anyone who could provide:

a) The pinout diagram and list for this unit?

b) Advice as to what pins need to shorted together or grounded in order to tell the power supply to turn on when not installed in the computer.

The following link appears to come close to describing the process (no pinout diagram or list) but seems to be truncated just as the explanation is coming to the meat of the explanation.,3719.msg7734.html#msg7734

Thanks for any help or advice that anyone can offer. Kelsey