HELP: Connect Motion Detector with cellphone

Started by desp, Nov 12, 2006, 12:45

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is it possible to connect a standard motion detector with a cellphone(doesn't matter which brand) without any devices in between? Which phone would be best?
I want to use it as a mobile alarm system. If there is motion detected I want the phone to take a photo and send it via mms (with Java-software).

Is this possible or would you say there is no chance of getting this to work?


Diogo W. Nunes

Hi Desp.

I would say that would be quite a feat (Very hard to accomplish).

Most cell phones are locked-down devices, controlled the manufacturer and/or cell phone operator.

What you could have, maybe, is write a J2ME application that connects to the serial port available in the cell phone, and you would have a circuit board with an AXL202 (accelerometer from Analog Devices) connected to a PIC microcontroller or something that would send via the serial port the disturbance. Then, the J2ME application would snap a picture of the "curious person" messing with your cell phone. The infrared port could be used for this purpose too (that way you would not need the specific connector for your cell phone), but this would add an infrared controller to the construction.

Have you ever heard of the "Open Cell Phone" project ? Check it out at . These guys are creating a cell phone from the ground up, so you could interface your own stuff into it. I'm looking forward to making one of these myself.

I hope this helps, drop me an e-mail at diogownunes2004 at yahoo dot com dot br if you need further clarification.

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The best phone to do this is any SIEMENS, it has a serial port and easy java-to-acc. port interface.
I recommend the SIEMENS C56 or C55, it has a monochrome display and JAVA support.