I-Touch (4g) Audio Out

Started by chilepepper, Feb 17, 2012, 00:12

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I'm trying to make an extension cable to go from the audio out port of my i-Touch so I can plug in a credit card reader I got from Intuit. The problem is that when the card reader is plugged in direct, there isn't enough room for a power connection because bot the power port and audio our oare on the bottom of the i-Touch.  This is a 4-Pole connection.  I can't find a 4-pole male to 4-Pole female extension cord anywhere so I'm gonna make one.  The problem is that I have been led to believe that I won't be able to make it work by simply wiring it pin 1 from the male plug to pin 1 of the female jack and likewise for pins 2 thru 4.  That just doesn't make sense to me because since the reader works fine when plugged in direct, it's logical to think that my wiring thoughts should work just fine, but there are people who have told me that Apple uses the third conductor for the ground/shield connection so I should not wire the extension as mentioned above.  That scenario "doesn't compute" to me.  All of the pinouts I've seen for the i-Touch have at lease five wires (see following link) http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_jack_pinout.shtml so I can't make any sense of it.  If there is anyone who can enlighten me, please do.  Thanks.