Labtec LCS-2424

Started by Norm_RR, Sep 05, 2005, 23:10

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I only found the LCS-2424 subwoofer from the 3 piece set at a church rummage sale.

Does anyone know the pinouts for the large PS/2-looking socket on the back of the unit? The Labtec site does not give that info.  I tried to open the cover but it is the base of the internal amplifier and wired tight to the rest of the components in the box.

Before I start cutting wires to get at that socket does anyone have the satellite speakers or know the pinouts and where I could get a plug to fit?

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I spent too much time trying to figure out which plug this was, but i may be possible to find the plug on ebay ( if u want to spend 9-10 bucks for it plus shipping, i tried and got the wrong cable thought it was a vivo but was a cheap one from china that was not mini din but a more standard size).  The plug is same as a VIVO plug for a nvidia or geforce video card i believe.  You should be able to find the mini din pinout and standardized plugs and non-standard types.  All in all what i ended up doing was using a db9 that is the standard of alot of computers (serial cable and serial port).  This also made the cable easier to obtain.  I found this to be much better because it provided a way to secure the connection to the box without moving ( which would cause shorting).  I had to relocate the plug and create a hole in the metal access cover. 

Now i have a problem with both sets of speakers buzzing so im thinking either 1) the cable is shorted, 2) mosfet is bad, or 3) soldier shorted somewhere.  All in all it's been a real pain in the a$$but ive learned alot.

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