Master System Pinout

Started by Ploggy, Jan 07, 2012, 02:38

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Hi guys. I'd just like to know what colour wire goes to each pin. The problem I have is I was going through my old box of controllers looking for my Master System Controller (which I found) :) but the end is missing, I found the pinout on this site but it doesn't state what colour wire is for what pin. So if someone knows here can you let us know?


I should also say that the Model no. of the controller is : 3020 (if that makes a difference)


Sorry for double post but thought I should get in quick before I'm pointed out as the fool I am lol

I decided to open up my controller to see if there are any hints as to what colour is for what pin, and it clearly says on the controller board:

1. Brown
2. Red
3. Orange
4. Yellow
5. ----
6. White
7. ----
9. Blue

Here for future reference.    :P


IM looking The 12 pin chinese proprietary pinout for Nokia E72