Teac CA-200

Started by B-rich, Aug 30, 2008, 23:04

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multi card reader  P/O s needed on sure because of dual usb hookup and no cable togo by

Thanks: B-rich


found this pin out diagram at this site, all you have to do is switch two wires around and it will work, switch the orange(?) the one next to the white, with the black. Worked on my standard mainboard, kept getting unknown device before this. please email me and i will give this to you if its still needed. patchx@gmail.com


try this

[1] (Red)   Power +5volts        
[2] (White) Data Negative
[3] (Green) Data Positive
[4] (Black) Ground            
[5]         Unused

However, the Teac CA-200 Flash Card reader has a non standard 10 pin configuration (Flexbay connector 2.00 mm apart vs. 2.54mm apart).  The pin assignments are as follows (back view connection of the Flash card reader) :

???????     ???????

?  .R   .    .B   .W   . ?

?  .     .    .    .    .G ?


1st Row:  Red,    empty, Black, White,  empty

2nd Row: empty, empty, empty, empty, Green

Tri Quach

Actually there's an easier way to do all of this. Just prop the cover open. Inside you will see several cables. The connect the cables to the usb cable (make sure the colors match). Also you will need to ground (connect it to the black wire) the clear wire because it is used to eliminate noise (magnetic/electric interference).

So to sum this up. Clear and black from the card reader connects to the black on the usb cable. Red to red, white to white, and green to green. There are two other wires (yellow and blue) I'm not sure what these actually are for, but it appears as if you don't need them. I have all the mentioned wires connected, and I can read from all 4 ports. I will investigate further and hopefully give you an update.

I hope this has helped.


Is it possible that the Blue and Yellow wires are for simultaneous reading and writing. If yes, how would you connect them? Do you need a second USB port?


Greetings, thanks for the info, purchased one of these beasts on Ebay got it today and it came with NO cable.  I was able to use an old cable from a multi USB front panel using your instructions and installed on my Gigabyte Mainboard. Windows 7 Ultimate recognized it right off, even named it properly and all ports work just fine.  Sometimes these old posts still save the day.  Think I will give a slightly negative on the seller though, he "forgot" to mention no cable, also failed to mention that this was intended for DELL only.

I hate folk like that who omit things that might save some poor slob some pain.  Luckily I am able to make my own stuff from a ton of old computer junk in the back room or I would have been REAL mad.


hello all and thank  you all for this form.    i got my Teac CA-200 Flash Card reader   from a little   place out side of Penn state called Lion Surplus.   i bought this  Card reader  for five bucks and was a little  blinded  by how cheep it was to take a look and see the size of the cable connector in the back of it.  thank you  for your help   when i tried to make the cable on my own i got on my computer  unknown device and that was very disappointing .    but thanks  for  the advice on the  silver   wire connecting  to the  black wire thing   that help me out and got my  Card reader to work   ;D


The blue and yellow wires are for a second usb connection yellow Data+ blue data- tye other clear for negative. Positive is supplied from the first usb connection.


Howdy, guys. I hope this thread can continue to help people. I found where yellow and blue are supposed to go, here's a revised pinout.

9 – Red   7 – (Empty)   5 – Black           3 – White           1 – Ground
10 – Blue   8 – (Empty)   6 – Yellow   4 – (Empty)   2 – Green