Coaxial cable to RJ45

Started by babto, Jul 25, 2012, 06:37

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I would like to connect my television cable to my computer using RJ45 terminator on a network card. Anyone with a suggestion?


Gregory D. MELLOTT

I believe you are dealing with extremely different types of signals.  Cable is basically the same type of signal one gets over the airwaves.  Modulated RF sign waves of a pretty high frequency.  The Network uses digital signals that are approaching square waves.  To get what you need you will likely have to have a computer with a video card that p[ick one frequecy and converts its RF into Video and Audio signals.  To get that to some other device using a network, your simplest choice may be a Remote Desktop Connection.  Though I have noticed that Audio can be repeating itself and out of sync with video when doing so.  If that is your goal, you may best just get the cable to the device that uses it.

Gregory D. MELLOTT

Sorry for my error the term is 'sine waves' not 'sign wave'.  Sorry

Gregory D. MELLOTT

If your goal is to get Internet Service from your Cable company.  Then your into having the Cable company setup a box that talks two way: Internet to your computer, and your computer back to the Internet.  There are all kinds of protocals that are involved to secure and manage that process and it requires them to uniquely setup an interfacing device to do so.